The Public Registry of Panama, was created by Law No.13 of January 27, 1913, published in (Official Gazette No.1, 865 of February 12, 1913), as a dependency of the Ministry of Government and Justice, during the first administration of Dr. Belisario Porras. With the Law No. 2 of 13 October 1914, the Law No.13 of 1913 is reformed, (Official Gazette No.02, 136 of November 17, 1914). Subsequently the Ministry of Government and Justice Decree No.154 as of December 12, 1913, regulates the Public Registry (Official Gazette No. 2,010 of December 23, 1913). As a relevant highlight, the first Director of this entity: the Property Registrar General, Lic. Benjamin Alvarez Quintero, served for fifteen (15) consecutive years from 1913 to 1928.


Then with Law No. 3 of January 6, 1999, (Official Gazette No. 23.709 on Monday, January 11, 1999), the autonomous entity called the Public Registry of Panama is created, characterized by having legal personality, its own assets and autonomy in both administrative and functional, and budgetary and financial matters; subject only to the policies, guidance and inspection of the Executive Body and oversight by the country’s Comptroller General. Then Law No. 3 of 6 January 1999 amending, on Decree Law No. 3 of July 8, 1999, published in (Official Gazette No.23, 837 of July 10, 1999), transferred the Directorates of the Official Gazette and the National Archives to the Public Registry of Panama. The office of the Official Gazette is currently part of the organizational structure of the Ministry of the Presidency.


MISSION Upgrade, collect, integrate and ensure the authenticity of the documents, certificates or acts to be recorded to provide legal security of private property to users.


VISSION To be the leading institution of the sole property registry of Panama, in order to publicize and ensure the rights and legal acts and attest commercial transactions in a timely and efficient manner for the benefit of domestic and foreign users.

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