By Law No. 59 of October 8, 2010 the National Authority of Land Management, identified with the initials ANATI was created. The Act unifies the powers of various public institutions and it is constituted as the sole competent authority of the State to regulate and ensure compliance and implementation of policies, laws and regulations on land and to recommend the adoption of national policies relating to such.


VISSION: To be a modern efficient organization, integrated and reliable, model of public administration; motivated to serve the community, recognized as the government entity model of effectiveness and transparency in the management and administration of national land issues.

MISSION: Direct, regulate and ensure compliance and implementation of the national land policy, respecting the rights of ownership and possession in good faith, by regularizing the national land registry, achieving the modernization of land management and services, thus guaranteeing the legal certainty and improving the quality of life of the owners in urban and rural areas of Panama.

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